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Haven't Received Your Order?



  • Tina Fields

    I received an order it was supposed to be earrings but it was a necklace and I don't like the way it fits would like to return it for something else

  • Carla Geleott

    Where is my order at ????

  • judy6080stov

    My order is wrong!

  • judy6080stov

    I bought the bracelet on March 16, 2021& the amount of $29.00 was taken out of my bank account on March 17, 2021. It is now April 29, 2021 & I still do not have my bracelet. I did receive an email stating that my earnings were about to be shipped. Now look, this is ridiculous for I once before ordered the bracelet & you took out the amount of $29.00 from my bank account. But I received earrings instead of the bracelet. Now it is time to get your act together & get my bracelet out here or you are going to be answering to my attorney. There is no excuse for this. I suggest that you go back over my account & see what money I have sent in & what you have sent out to me. I have sent you an email previously but did not receive an answer from anyone concerning any of my questions about my order. I want to see this strengthened out & my order on the way to me with a confirmation email showing me that my order is soon to be delivered.
    I have been very ill & have been out of commission but I am back & I want to fast results.
    Thank you for your immediate attention to my order.

    Judy Gail Stovall

  • Dr3505797

    Its been a year and i still haven't received my order i think this company is a scam

  • Yolanda Stanton McFee

    It's been at least 4 months when I ordered the bracelet never received it.. I paid 29.00 and you took the money out my bank account I haven't seen the bracelet yet.. I just want to know what happened to my order.
    Yolanda Stanton McFee

  • Janett Goins

    Hey I haven't got my order yet it the necklace and I wanted to know what happened to it please let me know what happened to the order ok


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